Video - Fields of Kamuela

Video - Fields of Kamuela

Video - Fields of Kamuela

  • Site: Flickr
  • Title: Video - Fields of Kamuela
  • Uploader: EfrankE
  • Description: UPDATE 11/17/12 - I have a high resolution version of this video on my YouTube channel. I recommend watching it there if you are like me and demand the highest quality image possible.


    I took the HD camera out this weekend and tried some time lapse stuff.

    **Music is licensed for my usage, all images captured by me.**

    I'd like to state again that Flickr's video compression CODEC sucks tremendously. This looks way better full quality. The artifacts in the Flickr version are enough to make me vomit.

    EDIT: Wow. Thanks everyone for your kind words. Two days after I posted this it has become my most "interesting" upload out of the 500 or so images and videos I've posted. Unreal. For those interested in doing something similar: the time lapse imagery here was shot at intervals of one frame per second (Progressive Scan), edited in a standard 29.97 FPS timeline (Progressive) in

    Final Cut Pro, colored with some 3rd party software, then outputted to Compressor for the 640x360 H.264 compression to fit within Flickr's uploader file size limit. For the record, a lot of still cameras have "interval recording", such as my D200, and I think a similar looking video could be made with stills, it just might be a bit more labor intensive and time consuming.

    UPDATE (3/3/09): Flickr has now greatly improved their compression CODEC. It no longer sucks tremendously as I had previously stated. Way to go Flickr!
  • Tags: Apple, hawaii, timelapse, video, sony, waimea, fields, bigisland, kamuela, fcp, h264, xdcam, honokaa, bitv, cericfranke, fromhd, ericfranke, efranke

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